Whats So Special About Red Carpet

By | December 20, 2011

Red carpets, we often use them as the traditional ways for welcoming the honorable state heads and these days VIPS and celebrities do get the honor of Red Carpet welcome on special occasions. This tradition of welcoming important people has started long back in 458 BC.

Kings of olden times showed their royalty by offering a red carpet welcome to their guests. Red and purple have always been a sign of royalty. Palaces and castles have used red carpets from centuries to lead to the thrones of kings and queens.

A red carpet welcome is to show warmth, affection, respect and sincerity to the person, generally a head of the state or a VIP. It is a sign of honoring the guests who arrived to the event. A red carpet welcome offered to them makes them different and special from other people. Many restaurants do use this carpets to show their hospitality towards their guests. It gives an effect of higher class service and amenities.

Apart from the special occasions and events these red carpets are also used in heavy traffic places like railway stations and air ports to lead a way to the passengers. In some places this carpet is also treated as the symbol of luck since all the people who are honored by a red carpet welcome are in great positions.

These days the use of other colored carpets for few occasions had replaced the red carpets. Like the green carpets are being used to promote environmental awareness. However, red carpets have their own charm and significance even though many new things came in to existence.

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