What to Choose: Oil filled Heaters or Electric Heaters

By | December 25, 2011

Keeping the indoors warm is very much essential for every one, especially in winter seasons and cold regions. Heating systems are good solutions for keeping indoors warm. If you are planning to purchase a heater, you need to consider some important factors such as consumption of energy, heat produced and the device efficiency. Electric space heaters and oil filled space heaters are more efficient ones than other heaters.

Electric heaters: Electric space heaters are efficient ones which produce heat with less energy consumption. These come with easy installation and maintenance facilities. Infrared heaters are more advanced at producing heat to surfaces, these systems are instant heat producers.

Oil-filled heaters: These are also efficient ones like infrared space heaters. Oil-filled heaters produce constant heat to surfaces for longer periods. These systems include dense mineral oil which is heated at high temperature with internal heated elements. These heated oil delivers the heat to external environments with the usage of system body.

While choosing the heating systems you need to check various features such as energy usage, efficiency, maintenance and ownership costs.

Energy usage: Electric space heaters (infrared heaters) consume less energy for producing heat. These are instant heat producers. Oil-filled heaters consume more energy for increasing internal oil temperature.

Effectiveness: Electric space heaters work very effectively. They follow instant on/off mechanism. But the oil-filled heaters take more time than infrared systems to produce the heat.

Maintenance: Maintenance is also easy with electric heaters, these require simple cleaning and proper power supply. Oil-filled heaters have some problems with oil leakages, hence users have to observe these heaters regularly.

Electric space heaters are very much comfortable for the users as they require less energy for consumption while producing heat and hence reduce the power costs to the users. Oil-filled heaters consume a little more energy than the electric heaters. Having know all these important difference, choose the one which suits your heating purposes.

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