How to Make Your Language Learning Process Interactive?

By | December 13, 2011

Technology is giving rise to more and more interactive ways of learning, especially language. Some of the interactive ways of learning are – videos, games and role plays, comics, flash cards and movies and music. Let us know them in detail.

Videos: Videos are the most common means of interactive learning. While learning a new language, a traditional bookish reading is of no help. To learn the language quickly, videos are of great help. Videos of native speakers who explain the lessons or videos of native news channels and other advertisements help learners connect with the real language and its usage.

Comics and tales: Comics and tales are fun. They ease the process of learning a new language. They are simple and highly pictorial which helps the learners in incidental learning (learning based on illustrations or context). They are not burdensome, but are fun and entertaining.

Flash cards: Flash cards are very much interactive and mainly great memorizing tools. They are highly beneficial in building up your vocabulary. Making note of new words and revising the old words will help learners in improving their word power.

Games and role plays: Language games such as word games, word puzzles, storytelling and role plays are great ways to enhance one’s language skills. They are in fact the best language learning tools. Word games and puzzles enhance the vocabulary of the learner along with deep understanding about the subject. Whereas, storytelling and role plays are great tools in building speaking skills by constant application.

Movies and music: Movies and music are one of the best entertaining resources for generating interest in a language and keeping it alive. They are liked by everyone and hence promote language learning. Since, they consist of great expressions and emotions, people try to learn the language to understand them and some times, people, who do not know the language perfectly, learn the language based on the context.

These interactive ways are proved to be effective learning tools as they are easy, simple and entertaining, which makes the language learning process smooth.

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