Effective Motivational Treatment Ways for Heroin Addiction

By | November 27, 2011

Heroin is one of the dangerous illicit drugs causing serious health issues. Addiction to heroin or any other drug does not tend the drug users to accept treatment. However, accurate treatment at right time should be given in order to avoid any further health damages. Though there are certain prescription medications which aid in heroin addiction treatment, motivational treatment ways help to get away from heroin addiction. Have a look on some of them.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is most effective in terms of drug addiction treatment. It encourages them to avoid and deal with drug-related situations. Apart from this, motivational interviewing, family therapy and contingency management are the other motivational treatment ways. In motivational interviewing, the family members, treatment providers and care givers assess whether the heroin addict is ready or willing to alter the drug abuse patterns. The interview process is made in such a way that it easily detects the willingness of an individual to join the rehabilitation center.

Multi-dimensional family therapy is the other method of treatment which deals with familial aspects. It helps in healing the relationships which provoke the drug abuse in heroin addicts. Sometimes, there are certain cases where a family history of drug abuse may influence other family members to use heroin. Then, such issues should be dealt first before a successful drug treatment. Contingency management is an approach involving positive reinforcement and rewards for motivating heroin addicts. Encouragement helps a lot and motivates people to change the destructive habits of heroin addiction. Several motivational ways of treatment are implemented in a drug rehabilitation center to completely make the heroin addicts get away from addiction.

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