Medical Ventilators are Mechanically Used to Breath Air In and Out

By | November 17, 2011

Oxygen is one of the important element for survival. We have been providing with a complex and well built mechanism for breathing, which includes the lungs, diaphragm, bronchial, and wind pipe. However, it can often get disturbed due to the improper functioning of lungs. In such a situation ‘medical ventilators’ perform the function of lungs.

Medical ventilators are the devices used for breathing air in and out. They have become an essential part in the field of medicine as they can be helpful to the patients who are unable to breathe. Medical ventilators have been able to defeat the death and save more and more lives.

Previously, the ventilation was carried out manually with the help of an air-bag called bag value mask. This was troublesome and less reliable method. With time, better technologies have been developed and this has lead to the design of the modern ventilators, also known as high frequency ventilators. The fully automated medical ventilators have made the work of the clinical staff easier. However the manufacturers need to do proper research with the patients to make sure that the devices are flawless. A single fault in manufacturing can lead to the death of a patient.

Medical ventilators are also known as critical devices because if they stop working even for a minute, it will lead to fatal consequences. So, complete care is taken to ensure that they work without break.

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