Importance of Gum Shields for Sports Players

By | November 21, 2011

Sports players often face injuries during game and use different kinds of shield to protect themselves from them. A gum shield is the prominent protective device used by them for assuring jaw protection. It helps in preventing the breaking and knocking out of the teeth. It even keeps a person from biting down on the tongue or lips accidentally. Thus, unexpected fracture or any breakage of the teeth is prevented by gum shields.

They are often used in sports where players come into contact with one another. They are kept before starting the game and can be removed easily after finishing it. It is mandatory to use gum shields in sports such as soccer, boxing, football, hockey, baseball, mixed martial arts, wrestling, figure skating, hockey, water polo, skiing and snowboarding. In these sports, the players are often prone to accidental impacts to the face and jaw. An affliction in jaw may even cause brain damage. Several kinds of mouthguards including gum shields avoids or reduces the harm levels of brain clouting that may arise from teeth impairment. Hence, dentists recommend to use them and ensure protection.

Different types of gum shields are available for sportsmen. While some are pre-formed and purchased in market, some others are customized to a specific individual. The pre-formed gum shields may not be sufficient for all individuals. Hence, many sports players prefer to have customized ones to ensure a perfect fit. Proper maintenance including cleaning and sanitization is necessary to avoid deposition of any germs. It should be properly cleaned and brushed after each use. Also, they have to be checked regularly if they are worn out and should be replaced if necessary. In addition to sports, gum shields have a great role in treatment of bruxism and in teeth whitening process. Even people wearing braces can use them for protection.

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