What are the Advantages of Soft-sided Pet Carriers?

By | November 8, 2011

Choosing a right pet carrier for your animal is necessary to enable safety and comfort during travel. Soft-sided pet carriers are one of the elegant models which are made of light-weight materials. They are specially designed for small-sized pets. Here are some benefits of soft-sided pet carriers.

  • As they are made of soft materials, they ensure comfort to the pets. No chances of injuries arise with regards to soft-sided pet carriers. When traveling by car or plane, these carriers help to avoid any bumps or bruises to the pet.
  • They are even available as craters and tote bags. Soft-sided craters are portable and light. So, they can be carried easily. Metal carriers are in general large and heavy, and it is difficult to carry them. However, soft-sided carriers can be taken easily without effort.
  • Enough ventilation is provided for the pet by a mesh fixed in the soft-sided crater. It even allows the pet to see outside.
  • They are available in various colors and are elegant to look. Choose your desired color based on the color of your pet. Ensure that your pet looks cute in the bright color background.
  • Soft-sided tote bags are made of various fashionable designs and are preferable for smaller pets. However, remember to consider the length, width and height of the pet prior to purchasing one of the tote bags.
  • A removable pad is provided on the bottom of the soft-sided carrier to ensure easy cleaning.
  • Some of them are often designed with wheels which enable convenience to transport the pet without effort through airport terminals.

Considering these benefits, choose a right sized soft-sided carrier for your furry friend.

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