Make a Butterfly Glow Necklace on Your Own

By | August 2, 2011

Glow sticks multiply your enjoyment at night parties. Kids and teens like to use glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow bracelets for fun. Glow sticks even serve as toys for kids. They are also used as lights for hikers, emergency signals for divers and many others. However, you can use them in creative ways to double your excitement. Glow balloons, glow balls and many others are the novel items prepared by using glow sticks. Teens love to wear glow costumes for celebrations at night clubs, rave parties and Halloween parties. The costume is simply made by attaching glow sticks to your costume. Accessories like glow hat are fashionable and interesting. One unique way of using glow sticks is a colorful butterfly glow necklace.

You might have seen flashing butterflies used as glow-in-the-dark displays at different parties. However, using a butterfly glow necklace is a creative idea to have fun and enjoyment. You can create it on your own in an easy way with simple items. Roll a used glow stick on a plate of glue and ensure that the entire glow sticks is covered. Then pour sparkles on a plate and roll the glued glow stick on it. Then create a butterfly head by making a circle on a paper. Cut the circle and attach antennas and eyes to the paper and glue it to the tip of the glow stick. Prepare wings by attaching the looped and glued pipe cleaners to the glow sticks on both the ends. You can attach both large and small sized wings to the glow sticks. Wear the sparkled and glowing butterfly glow necklace around your neck or on your head as band.

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