Types and Advantages of Electric Stoves

By | July 19, 2011

An electric stove is a device that converts electricity in to heat and this heat is used for cooking and baking. Different components like heating element, thermostat etc are present in the electric stoves. Following are the different types of electric stoves:

Smooth top Stove:
This type of electric stove features a glass ceramic top that is easy to clean. Halogen lamps or coils generate heat in the stove tops.

Heating coil electric stove:
This is the oldest of all the electric stoves, this stove uses heating coil to generate the heat. These coils are very durable and can be replaced when they burn out.

Induction electric stove:
This is the modern electric stove and this depends on the electromagnetic induction to generate heat for the burners. It is better to use them with pots and pans with ferromagnetic bottoms.

Advantages of Using Electric Stoves:

  • The coils used in for producing the heat in the electric stoves heat the cooking surface of the pots and pans evenly and the heat can be controlled by the thermostat present in the stoves. This prevents food in the pans from burning on one side. Also, the knob on an electric stoves typically allows the user to adjust to a different temperature quickly and with precision.
  • Electric stoves can be turned off before the cooking is done because electric stoves retain a great deal of heat for several minutes after the power is turned off and thus saves the energy.
  • Other advantage of using the electric stoves is that you need to put less effort for cleaning them when compared to other stoves. Electric stoves with coils and reflectors are also easy to clean, because the parts come out and can be easily washed. Cleaners are also available for cleaning these type of stoves.

The above information states different types of electric stoves which can be used according to our need.

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