What are the Benefits of Stone Landscape Edging?

By | July 22, 2011

In order to protect your lawn from unwanted plant invaders, you can arrange a landscape edging. The edging acts as a barrier to and keeps out grasses and weeds. Among the many different kinds of materials used for landscape edging, stones are one. Stone landscape edging is associated with many benefits. Have a look on some of them.

  • Miniature GardenStones are the natural materials and hence, give a natural look to the landscape edging. A stone edging along the flower bed attracts your guests attention towards the flowers.
  • Stone edging blends with the natural surroundings. It combines with a garden landscape and provides a seamless boundary between lawn and garden.
  • One of the most important benefits of stone landscape edging is their strength. Stones and rocks are very hard and durable for a long time. Certain materials like wood or plastic may get chipped or cracked easily though they look good. However, a stone edging cannot be broken easily.
  • It is the versatility of stone landscape edging that many home owners prefer stones for edging. Stones of different colors and sizes can be used for enhancing your yard. You can also create straight lines, high edges, curvy edges or short edges with stones.

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  • Installing stone landscape edging is also very easy. You do not require a professional to install the stone edging. You can also do it on your own. However, it is necessary to choose a right place for the edge.
  • Also, decide how the edge should look and mark a line based on it. Then, install the stones in appropriate positions. Dig along the line at a depth of about four inches and fill the canal with sand up to one inch from the top. Once this is done, you are left with placing stones on the top of the sand closely together. Any gaps or cracks in the stones are filled with sand to provide extra stability.

With these benefits, stone landscape edging increases the beauty of your yard.

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