How to Select a Dual Dog Carrier?

By | July 28, 2011

It is difficult for pet owners with multiple small dogs to carry them when traveling. Dual dog carriers are best suitable for such instances. They can carry two small dogs, provide security, safety as well as comfort. They are available in different styles and sizes. Go on to know how to select a dual dog carrier for your puppies.

  • Dual dog carriers are made of different materials including cardboard, plastic, leather and even designer fabrics. Plastic ones are more commonly used. A carrier made of cardboard may be used for emergencies as they are rarely sturdy enough for more than one dog. You should consider the durability of the carrier too. Pets often tend to chew the material of the carrier. So, choose the one that is made of durable material. Dual dog carriers made of durable plastic are practical and popular.
  • The carriers are even available in different styles. They are designed in special, unique and attractive ways. Some carriers are designed larger enough for two dogs, while some others are designed as double decker where one is on the top of the other. Some others are designed stacking side by side.
  • They should be designed in such a way that they allow proper ventilation for your cute friends.
    Choose dual dog carriers that meet requirements and specifications of airline regulations when traveling by flight. Some airlines allow only single pet in a carrier.
  • The weight of the carrier also should be considered. When you wish to walk carrying your puppies, then you have to choose a light-weight carrier. However, if you intend to use the carrier in house, car, or on airplane, then you have to go for a heavier one.
  • The carriers should have specific locking system to ensure security.

Consider these tips and ensure a safe place for your cute puppies when going out.

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