Need of Alcohol Prohibition

By | July 11, 2011

In the present scenario, of increase in death rate caused by alcohol abuse, the only solution to control this death rate is to encourage alcohol prohibition. Every person who is aware of the affects caused due to alcoholic abuse should support this. After all, this is not a problem of one individual, one family, one city, single state, or a single country, it is the problem world wide. This is the major problem which is ruining many families, creating lots of health problems and the reason for many deaths.

Even though Alcohol is considered as a legal drug, studies have shown that it is dangerous than many other illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Serious addiction to alcohol cost many lives. Many rising buds from youth, who are supposed to be the pillars of the nation and should be like a role model to the future generations are abusing alcohol and losing their wonderful lives and bright future.

According to recent studies and reports given by US officials, around half a million deaths in America are caused due to alcoholism. If the number is that high in America alone, what about the situation all over the world. If the government is prohibiting drugs, harmful medicines and all the other things which are not good for the people, why should not there be an exemption in case of alcohol? Nobody, except for the sellers of this alcohol gets benefited by it.

So, its the duty of every individual to know about the facts behind the things around us and should be able to judge what is good and what is bad to themselves.

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