How to Maintain Constant Blood Pressure with Yoga

By | July 29, 2011

In fact every living thing on the Earth do have blood pressure. It is nothing but the pressure with which blood flows in our body. If it is normal every thing works well. The problem arises when it becomes either low or high. There are several reasons for the fluctuations in the pressure levels. So if we are successful in handling those problems you may feel better with out any problem of high or low BP.

The reasons for these kind of variations on blood pressure levels are mental tensions, getting anger, facing fearful situations and becoming anxious. In short any emotional disturbance can cause an effect on the blood pressure levels. These signs are higher in older people.

In regular exercises and work outs the blood pressure levels even increase making the problem even more serious. But the same problems can be rectified very easily with yoga. The poses decreases the blood pressure by relaxing each and every muscle and by creating less strain. This naturally decreases the level of the oxygen required by the body and thus reducing the blood pressure.

The breathing techniques followed in yoga are used to increase the control over the breath. When you get used to it our breathing will be in control which in turn reduces the strain on the mind and the rate of the heart. By this way blood pressure can be reduced.

Many emotions are faced by man in his day to day life. They should be treated well to get relief from all the physical and mental disorders, other wise life becomes dull and subtle. Yoga was found effective to treat many things naturally and more successfully.

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