Choose a Brick Landscape Edging for a Classic Look

By | July 21, 2011

fairy gardenThe landscaping portion of your yard itself gives a new look to your home. Edges of the landscape can be given a classic look by using bricks. The edging materials of landscapes may wear out if they are continuously exposed to extreme weather patterns. Even the landscapes with an acidic soil-base or slow draining areas damage the edging materials. However, this problem is avoided by bricks and hence, brick landscape edging has become popular.

You can find bricks in different colors other than red. You can choose the color of the brick based on the shade of the surrounding features or flowers in the landscape or gardenminiature garden area. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. So, you can use them in a creative way to form unique designs. A tiered brick outline surrounding the flower beds creates a classic appearance. After the brick outline is laid out, an additional layer is placed on top as an offset line from the first tier. It gives a polished and professional appearance.

Brick landscape edgings can be installed easily. Bricks, which are trimmed, can be laid in a single layer around the trees and along the sidewalks. Sometimes, the trim may be hit, stepped or kicked. In order to avoid this, the bricks are lined by mortar which prevents them from falling out of line.

Bricks can be used to create curved and angular edgings. Curved landscape edges with bricks can easily be executed. You can also modify the curved edges into various shapes like fairy housessemi-circle. You can also elongate the curve of the brick border and use it as a circumference around a patio or an entire garden. Instead of traditional one or two-brick borders, you can also create a small wall-like structure or a facade with defined parameters. These walled structures provide you more surface area for decoration. So, opt for a brick landscape edging to provide a classic and attractive look to the landscape.

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