Alcohol- Effects on the Family

By | July 10, 2011

Alcohol, don’t alone leave you with physical and mental problems, it also causes a lot of disturbances in your family life too. Relations are the most sensitive things on earth. There are some people who actually live for them and struggle hard to maintain them till death. One can be faithful to his family and share love only when he knows its importance. One has to feel lucky to be born with a beautiful family around. But, if our habits make our relations critical and made us alone does it make any sense? If you still don’t understand how a family gets affected by the habit, see the following points to have a better idea.

  • Parental alcoholism has a lot of effects on the family. Particularly if a pregnant women takes alcohol it may result in the child born with Fetal alcoholic syndromes like under weight, deformities of brain and skull, uncommon facial features such as small eye lids, thin upper lips, long ,flat faces etc., In some cases the central nervous system may also get affected. So, giving birth to a kid with defect affects the family life.
  • Parental alcoholism also has affects on grown up children. They always feel alone, low esteemed, guilt, sort of helplessness, depression, high levels of tension and stress. This will reflect on their relationship with their parents and siblings.
  • Domestic violence, is also a cause for alcoholism. According to some researches, 75 percent of domestic violence cases involved an alcoholic family member. If this violence comes in to the eyes of court, the family will loose its reputation, family members will become ashamed and the children feel helpless. They may carry these incidents through out their life.
  • The children of alcoholics never try to share their feelings with their parents and loose intimacy. The relationships become poor and even though they stay in a family they never feel like that.

These are some of the examples of how alcoholism affects the family in different ways.

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