Know About Different Types of Job Training

By | June 22, 2011

Success of any business depends on the proper execution of assigned tasks by the employees. Employees are made to perform these tasks by giving good training and this training should cater to the type of work performed. Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as a result of teaching of practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. There are many different types of training which are given below:

On the Job Training:
On the job training is the most frequently used method of training in the small organizations. In this method the managers who are more knowledgeable, experienced and skilled employees provides training to less knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced employees. This type of training is typically organized, planned and executed at the work site, which provides the trainee a convenient method for learning specific skills. On job training structure varies based on the company and may offer a combination of time in the classroom and paid hours on the job.

Simulation Training:
Simulation training is provided to the employees working in complex positions like pilots, military personnel and astronauts etc. This type of training recreates a situation or process and imitates the resulting consequences as a course of action. The main purpose of simulation training is to produce psychological fidelity.

Computer Assisted Training:
Many companies depend on computer assisted training modules to provide training to their employees. By using this type of training an employee can learn the basic concepts of the job within a very short period of time. This type of training involves teaching concepts to employees using audio, visual and interactive modules. Computer assisted training is beneficial because it has minimal deviation from training objectives.

Job Training Center:
Many large companies have some departments completely dedicated to training their new employees and this type of training involves several days of lectures in a classroom by the trainer. This type of training allows new employees to learn how to work in groups and interact with fellow employees.

All the above are various types of training which can be used based on the type of skill that is to be acquired by the employees.

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