Five Things You Need to Consider While Using SMS Advertising

By | May 12, 2011

There are five things you should consider, while sending SMS ad to the customer.

1. Make the ad clear and attractive
Prepare the ad very clearly and attractively. Ensure that the one which you are sending is clearly understandable by the customer, then only the customer responds. If the customer does not understand the ad, they will not know what are you offering and they do not respond to your ad. While preparing the ad take less and simple words, because one SMS has only 160 characters. You can not send more than this.

For example: A retail business owner sends a discount offer message to their customer as “15% discount on items today” or “ visit our store to get 15% discount”. The above ads no one can understand, as they are not in a proper way. If the owner sends like “all of you will get 15% discount on purchase of any item, offer for today only”, then this ad is understandable by every one. It will be useful for the retailer as well as customer.

2. Send the ad at the right time
If you are not sending SMS ad at the right time, the customer response towards your business will be very bad.

For example: If you send an ad during night time at 2 clock, then the customer assumes that you are a spam message sender and you do not know how to do business.

It is very important that while sending SMS ad, you should know whether is it right time to send SMS or not.

3. Do not send many messages continuously
While sending SMS ad you should check, how many times you have sent SMS to that customer. If you send SMS continuously then the customer gets a bad opinion on your business, because you are disturbing their work. If you send limited messages to the customer, they hope that you are doing a good job to give offers details to all the people.

4. Properly select the audience
While sending the SMS ad you should choose the right customer. Check whether the customer has the willingness to buy the product or not.

For example: A business is offering special discount on kids toys materials, but the business owner sends a SMS ad to the the students whose age is between 18 – 24. By sending message to these people the business can not get more customers, as there is no use for them from that offer. If the business person sends message to the parents who have small babies, they will buy toys for their children.

5. Test your message and provide unsubscribe option
Before sending the SMS ad to a group of people, you should check the SMS by sending it to to your mobile. It is necessary to see, the way the message is appearing in the mobile and to check whether it is coming in one message or is coming in pages. One more important thing is give unsubscribe option. With this the customer can unsubscribe, if they do not want such type of messages.

All the above things are very important and a business should follow them while opting for SMS advertising.

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