Possible Psychological Effects of Daycare on Children

By | May 25, 2011

Daycare centers are the best choices for parents of this generation. It is because they get the quality childcare from certified and licensed daycare centers having professional care givers securing their kids. However, remember that certain psychological effects, both positive as well as negative, are seen in children who are sent to daycare centers.

Kids sent to daycare centers are provided with entertainment and education. They love to enjoy the education in a fun way and are willing to learn new things daily. This is really helpful for kids who are ready to be placed in a kindergarten. The memory, linguistic, and other educational skills are enhanced in the kids. Also, a good character and behavior may be taught at the daycare centers. You can assure social competence and cooperation in your kids when sent to high-quality daycare centers. The children are allowed to interact with teachers and other kids in various activities. This helps in improving their social behavior.

However, there are some negative psychological feelings that may rise among some children. The mother and child bond may get affected. Kids who are kept in a daycare center for longer times may decrease their positive interaction with their mothers. However, this may also lead to aggression and stress in some children. They try to avoid respecting their parents and other people because of the stress. This in turn may also affect the social relationships. It is therefore better to provide an in-home nanny care that provides safe care for children. At the same time, they may also have much time to spend with their parents, grandparents, or relatives. However, you should consider both the positive and negative effects before planning to choose a daycare center for your kid.

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