Types of Towels Used in Hotels

By | April 21, 2011

A Towel, as we all know, is a piece of cloth made up of absorbent fabric used to absorb the moisture from the body. It’s an essential type of clothing which is provided by most hotels. There are different types of towels available in the market and many hotels provide most of them to serve their guests in a better way.

Towels are made from materials like cotton, rayon, terry cloth, honey comb fabric, micro fiber, etc., which give different texture and quality to the towel. We are often surprised about the quality and variety of the towels provided by the hotel groups. So, for your knowledge following are different types of towels used in the hotels.

Wash Cloth:
Wash cloth is a small square shaped hand towel, that can be used to apply soap to the body while having shower. Using this cloth to apply soap increases abrasion and removes the dead cells from the skin. All we need to do is to wet the cloth, rub it over the soap and then on our body until it lathers well.

Hand Towel:
A hand towel is a rectangular shaped small towel, which is used to wipe hands after washing them. Usually found near the wash basins.

Bath Towel:

A bath towel is used for drying the body after having a bath/shower. It is typically around 30×60 inches and anything more than this size is called bath sheet.

Beach Towel:
It is larger than a bath towel. Although its main purpose is to provide a surface to lie on a beach side, it can also be used for drying the body after bath. They are available in different colors and they are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area, and for wiping sand from the body.

Sweat Towel:
These towels are usually used in gym/work out area in hotels, and they are used during workouts to wipe out the sweat. They are similar in size of a hand towel, but the absorbing capacity and the quality of the fiber used to make these sweat towels is different.

These are the basic types of towels provided by the hotel management to their guests. However, depending on the region and the star rating of the hotels these services may vary.

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