Different Types of T Shirts for Summer

By | April 23, 2011

T shirts are the basic clothing in the men and women’s wardrobe and these T shirts are available in different styles and designs. The T shirts designed for women are more decorated to give a feminine look when compared to men’s t shirts. Here are some t shirts which are the running trends in summer:

Manga T Shirts:
Women’s and men’s T shirts with Manga designs are readily available at stores around the world in summer. These T shirts may have manga designs in front or back, some T shirts may even have these designs on sleeves. These designs portray Manga cartoons such as Shotaro Ishinomori, Taiyo Matsumoto, Gundam, Naruto etc. These pictures are bright colored and they add style to the T shirts.

Illustrative T Shirts:
Women’s and men’s T-shirts with illustrative images are the current fashion, usually images are printed in the center of the T-shirt, making it easy to wash. The images on these t shirts can be Koi carp fish designs, dainty sparrows and quirky zombies.

Printed T Shirts:
Women’s T shirts with various printed slogans and pictures are popular choice for this year also, women’s T shirts may have patterns all over with women’s T shirts featuring repetitive imagery. T shirt for men have printed words or pictures and they are often plain with a centrally-printed message or image.

Humorous T Shirts:
Funny T shirts and T shirts with images and humorous versions of famous brands can be found in summer.

For summer 2011 T shirts with short sleeves although three-quarter length sleeves are suitable and these T shirts are available in different kinds of patterns, prints and images on them. Classical T shirt shapes or short sleeves with rounded necks will be the most fashionable choice.

T-shirts by themselves are very casual and light, hence they are the perfect option in summer.

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