Types of Pillows Used in the Hotels

By | April 23, 2011

Pillows are soft cushion like structures mainly used for comfort and sometimes they are used for preventing or minimizing pain in an injured area. In hotels, they are used to provide comfort for the guests and also used for decorating a hotel room. There are a wide range of pillows available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Below are the types of the pillows which can be used in the hotel:

Traditional Pillows:
These are available in different sizes like standard size, queen size and king size, these easily fit in to the pillow cases and can be provided to the guests for a good sleep.

Neck Pillows:
Neck pillows are available in standard size and travel size. These are U shaped or cylindrical, used while sitting because they have a deeper depression where the head lies and extra support under the neck. Neck pillows are also called as cervical pillows.

Body Pillows:
Body pillows are useful for people who sleep on their sides most of the time, and for pregnant women. Body pillows support the entire body while sleeping.

Travel Pillows:
It creates a support, so that the weight of the head is partially taken care of by the pillow and relieves some of the work done by the muscles keeping the head up and may be beneficial while sleeping in a sitting position.

These are sometimes used to alleviate pressure on the tailbone area, these are helpful for the people suffering from the diseases like hemorrhoid or broken tailbones.

Lumbar Pillows:
These pillows are round in shape and they are very useful while driving on a long trip or when sitting at a desk and they support the lower back of the human body.

Husband Pillows:
If the guest in the hotel room is a businessman and uses laptop, in such cases husband pillows are very useful as they have high back and an extension on either side that look like arms.

These different types of pillows are designed only to provide comfort to the guests, hence these play a vital role in providing customer satisfaction.

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