Types of Curtains Used in Hotels

By | April 19, 2011

In earlier days, curtains were used to block the sunlight entering home and also to provide privacy from the neighbors, but today they are used as decorative items. These have become a major part of furnishings not only at homes but also in hotels. These add a different feel to the hotel environment. The hotel owners should take care in selecting the curtains which suits their hotel rooms best. There are different kinds of curtains available and are given below:

One of the most common types of curtains is voile and these are light weighted. The main benefit of this type of curtains is that they can be easily washed and they require low maintenance. They are very much suitable as decors in the tropical countries. They can be easily hung on rods and poles and give an artistic quality to the hotel room.

There are many options in which beads are available and it includes acrylic, shells, bamboo, gemstones, glass, string, mirror and other natural materials. By picking right type, design, color of beads for the curtains, you can impart a free, contemporary feel to the overall hotel room decor. They are moisture resistant and hence can be used in bathrooms also.

Curtains comprising of blinds are available in many options like vertical or horizontal, roller, Venetian or blackout, etc. They are made up of different materials like plastic, wood, faux wood, fabric or even metal. These are simple to use and easy to clean, they also help in controlling the sun light that enters the room.

These can be manipulated with the help of strings and these are made up of solid material. These do not have slants. Shades can be moved up or down and they are available in wide range of materials like polyethylene fabric, lace, etc.

The above are the various varieties of curtains, which can be used according to the theme of the hotel room.

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