Types of Cushion Covers to Decorate Hotel Rooms

By | April 22, 2011

A cushion cover is an encasement that protects the cushion which is inserted in to the cover. A cushion cover normally includes a zippered opening at one end, with which the cushion can be inserted in to the cover easily. The cushion covers are available in different colors, designs and patterns. Cushion covers can be categorized on the basis of materials used in making them, style, pattern and usage.

Cushion Covers Based On Material:
Cushion covers made up of cotton or polyester are durable, silk cushion covers and the one made from velvet, chenille provide luxury for the guests. Cushion covers based on the material from which they made are cotton cushion covers, polyester cushion covers, silk cushion covers, chenille cushion covers, taffeta cushion covers, suede cushion covers and velvet cushion covers.

Cushion Covers By Pattern:

Generally embroidered pillow covers which are handmade on pure cotton, silk of any other fabric and printed cushion are very attractive. Embroidered cushion covers, printed cushion covers, plain dyed cushion covers, flocked cushion covers, baltik cushion covers, etc. are different patterns of cushion covers available.

Cushion Covers By Usage:
Cushion covers can be used everywhere in a hotel like bed, dining chair, sofa, outdoor furniture or living room couch. These are also available in different sizes and shapes. The rooms in the hotel can be made attractive by using velvet or silk cushion covers. Types of cushion cover by usage are outdoor cushion covers, floor cushion covers, dining cushion covers, bedroom cushion covers, sofa cushion covers and pillow cushion covers.

Cushions Covers By Style:
Jacquard cushion covers look very cool when used on sofa or couch because of intricate patterns. Twill cushion covers will have parallel raised lines or diagonal lines. To make these, various fabrics are used. The cushion covers based on the style are jacquard cushion covers, twill cushion covers, designer Cushion Covers, fancy Cushion Covers and handmade Cushion Covers.

Cushion covers add elegance to the furnishings; hence they play an important role in improving the hotel environment.

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