Know about Various Kinds of Mobile Advertising Campaign

By | April 28, 2011

Mobile advertising is becoming the second big advertising tool in the world of advertising. And it is simple thing because, computers are personal things for an individual, but mobile phones are real hearts of the people. Many people carry their mobile with them in most of the times. Nowadays many people are not able to imagine their lives without mobile phones. Towards the end of this year the mobile penetration (the quantity of mobile phones Vs total population) is estimated to exceed 100% in the western culture.

AdserverMobile advertising is the greatest advertising tool for the businesses to reach more customers. Every day audiences for mobile advertising are increasing continuously.

Similar to other advertising media, mobile advertising consists of many different possibilities. Here are few mobile marketing campaigns.

1. Subscription based mass push advertising
This is similar to the traditional advertising, in this the user need to sign up for their personalized messaging. Here the user has the choice to make a decision regarding to what length you want to personalize and just how creative you wish to begin your messaging. Small efforts of creative ad will attract more customers. In this category you will find various three possibilities

  1. SMS advertising: SMS works with all phones in the world. SMS advertising is less expensive and it takes less time to create for an advertiser. It is easily understood to the consumer and does not disturbs them. There is a maximum possibility to see the ad.
  2. MMS advertising: While compared to SMS, MMS is more expensive. MMS advertising offers a great facility to send ad in picture view, it helps the advertiser to give more clarity for the customer. It is limited to the user who has MMS supporting in their mobile.
  3. Mobile applications : This type of ads are designed specially for the smart phone users. This limits your target audience. This can be very costly to construct.

2. Location based advertising
Location based advertising is taking all the attention, as individuals are extremely thinking about combining their offline lives with their online mobile connectivity. Here there are two possibilities:

  1. Blue tooth : This is a location based advertising. When someones cell phone comes with an active blue tooth connection you will be able to send some customized messages to them. There is a less number of audience.
  2. Check in service: This is form of location based advertising. Here you can send messages when the customer comes to the check in service. It is specially offered for smart phone users. When the customer comes near the check in service, then you will be able to provide your visitors badges and coupons once they sign in your location.

3. Mobile Internet advertising
Mobile Internet advertising is done while the mobile user is using mobile internet on their mobile. According to the search key words your advertisement will appear on the search page.

The above said strategies are the various kinds of mobile advertising campaign.

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