Mattress Used in The Hotels and Their Types

By | April 24, 2011

A mattress is a pad that can be placed on top of the bed to sleep. Traditional mattresses were filled with materials like straw and feathers but the present manufacturers of the mattresses are filling them with materials such as latex, viscoelastic, or other polyurethane foams, air or water and natural fibers.

The mattresses can be classified in to different types based on the material used and they are as follows:

These mattresses are made up of steel spring coils and most of the modern mattresses are of this type. Comfort provided by this type of mattress depends on the coil support on the base of it. Not only comfort but the cost of the mattress depends on the spring design.

Water Mattresses:
Water beds are based on the advanced water filled tube mechanism that provides a more stable and comfortable cushioned surface and these are more beneficial than the old water beds.

Air Mattresses:
Air mattress uses one or more air chambers and it has a feature of an adjustable dual control and these can be changed according to the sleeping needs.

Memory Foam:
These are made from viscoelastic foam and it is a byproduct resulted while developing a foam product by NASA. This foam mattresses support the body’s frame structure in a very comfortable way. This is the best way for reusing old mattresses.

Latex Mattresses:
It comes in either a natural or synthetic foam material. These are eco-friendly and they are cooler than the other type of mattresses. The latex in the mattress protects the users from allergies by keeping away the dust mites.

Whatever may be the type of mattress, all are designed to give the guests the required comfort.

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