Can I Save Money By Shopping Once in a Month?

By | March 13, 2011

Everyone wishes to save money from their expenditure or wish to spend less money on their budgets. While shopping in a grocery or a clothing store you may spend money buying unnecessary things. You can therefore shop once in a month by making a list of needed items. Once the list is prepared, you can update it by saving the receipts of shopping and highlighting the essentials purchased. Let us know how you can save money in shopping.

Tips for Saving Money While Shopping

  • You can save money from traveling and other expenses by shopping once in a month. Some stores provide coupons and discount frequently for some specific days. Before going for a grocery shopping you can cut coupons from magazines, newspapers, direct mail flyers and the Internet. Though cutting and sorting out these coupons is time-consuming, you can save much money.
  • Frozen foods have the same health benefits as fresh ones. So you can purchase frozen items as they are cheaper than fresh produce. Frozen fruits and vegetables can last for one month.
  • Try to avoid purchasing impulse items and focus on essentials.
  • Prioritize utilization of food items according to their storage capabilities. Those items which can get spoiled for a few days should be used first. You can notice changes on the effect of your bank account by grocery shopping once a month. So, plan a trip for grocery shopping by looking at your finances and prioritized needs.
  • Wholesale shopping of clothes or any items can be helpful. The cost per item gets reduced by purchasing in bulk. So children clothing, socks, and scarves can be bought from wholesalers once in a month.
  • Planning in advance is also better for clothes shopping. For example, you can buy winter clothes in spring and summer clothes in autumn without paying full high prices.
  • If you possess a tight budget but still wish to buy designer labels, you can prefer thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales.

Following these tips can help you save money in shopping. In addition to these, online shopping is the best way to save money in shopping.

Save Money by Online Shopping
Online shopping is preferred when you want to save money by shopping once in a month. You can avoid spending on impulse items in grocery stores or calorie laden food in food courts. The best route to follow online shopping is to join a shopping community. Membership discounts and coupons are provided by many communities. You can select a right shopping website which has better prices and offers than others. Travel expenses can also be avoided as you can shop sitting at home comfortably. You can also quickly browse the items and select the needed ones.

Online auctions provide good merchandise at lower prices than retail. However, you should consider the price of shipping and handling charges when buying through an online auction. Some auctions include free shipping charges. So, you can best stick to online retailers for getting promotions and discount codes.

Pick up some of these tips before you start shopping. You can make a habit of following these tips for saving money by shopping only once in a month. This can avoid purchasing unnecessary items and money saved from them can be used for getting some other important things which really matter.

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