How to Choose a Perfect Duplex

By | March 30, 2011

Duplex is a residential building having separate entrances for two families. It may be a two storied building or a side by side apartments on a single lot that share a common wall. When the same building has three units then it can be called as triplex and if the units are four in number it is quadplex. Size of the duplex is same as that of a normal house. Some factors are to be taken in to consideration while buying the duplex, they are:

  • The primary factor the renters should consider before choosing a duplex is the location, the duplex you are purchasing must be close to the nearest city or town. The renters should be easily accessible to the grocery shops, sports, business center, shopping etc.
  • In terms of structural groundwork homeowners must purchase duplex homes that have massive corner foundation with thick walling features.
  • In the case of using fire place in the duplex make sure that the roofing and chimney has been constructed properly to avoid leakage.
  • Look whether the plumbing work, electrical wiring, telephone and cabling systems, and heating systems installed properly and they should be separate from each other.
  • Look for the amenities offered like the pools, fitness centers, play grounds and business centers, etc.
  • Look at the transportation facilities in that area and other facilities like water and the electric systems.
  • Look at the prices of other duplexes in the same area.
  • Know about the material used in the construction, and furniture and the decoration in the rooms.

A duplex gives a luxurious feel to the living. Living in a duplex involves high costs.

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