Benefits of Public Liability Insurance for Personal Trainer

By | February 14, 2011

Before starting to work as a personal trainer, a person should think about buying a public liability insurance policy to protect himself from the claimsLegal billing software made by the customers, in cases of an injury caused to them or damage caused to the property during course of his work.

If the personal trainer have any employees then it is a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance. Public liability insurance plan is specifically suited for the needs of personal trainers, working in a wide range of disciplines.

Like all other professionals, personal trainers too face daily risks, and it is essential for them to find an insurance company that offers the best possible coverage at the affordable rates. Some insurance companies are providing both professional and public liability insurance including E&O under one policy. Coverage is to be used to the claims that occur before the expiry date of the policy. They can also extend coverage for Retroactive Dates, but only if they can provide copies of the insurance polices which were purchased earlier by them of the same type. They can also extend coverage to cover future claims which may result from occurrences which happen during the period of insurance. These extensions will affect the premium rate.

This policy offers all the protection needed while working in their profession. Some of the features of the policy are:

  • Legal and other claim-related expenses;
  • Legal defense against allegations of abuse, assault
  • Legal defense against allegations of discrimination

If the trainers do not have a public liability policy, he may not only face fine or custodial sentence, but he is also liable for huge legal costs.

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