Importance of Spices in Cooking

By | February 15, 2011

Spices are famous worldwide for their ability to add flavor, aroma and color to the food. Many of the major cuisines worldwide make use of the spices. And native spices are found to be playing an important role in differentiating the one country’s cuisine with others. Usage of spices in many of the food delicacies are coming as a tradition in many of the countries.

Spices are found to add various flavors, of various strengths to the food. The flavors found in different varieties of spices are salty, sweet, bold and delicate. The can be used according to the variety of dish being prepared like, desserts, curries, snacks, etc. Combination of spices can also be used to give a unique flavor to the food. Strong and delicate flavors such as pepper, cardamom, ginger should be used alone and not in combination as they are found to have high strength. Spices having moderate flavors are cumin, fennel, can be used in moderate amounts to give taste. Delicate flavors such as, chives, etc. can be used in combination with other spices and herbs. Sweet flavors such as cinnamon, vanilla, etc. are found to have unique taste, which are mostly used in preparation of desserts.

Though many of the spices are restricted by their availability to few places, their application is not found to be restricted. For example, pepper is found to be a native of India, but it is used widely in all the food preparations in Britain and America. In the modern world, where everything id globalized, even the food tastes of human beings have also changed. Many people like to opt for non-traditional food these days. This led to increase in spice trade across the globe. Presently many manufacturers and traders are selling spices online. These wholesale spices are made available to each and every person, leading to the mixture of food cultures.

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One thought on “Importance of Spices in Cooking

  1. craig

    Spices are great for cooking to add so much flavor without adding fat to the food that is healthy already.

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