Know About the Use of Glow Sticks at Military Area

By | January 10, 2011

Glow sticks are dispensable tube-like products possessing substances that allow for a chemical reaction to produce glow light. It does not require an electric power source and the reaction due to chemicals is considered as chemiluminescence. A glow stick is useful for many purposes.

Glow sticks have been in use in military branches, law enforcement, search and rescue, public service departments, and others. A glow stick can be considered as a creative, small and light-weight solution that offers use in military, rescue workers and other families at difficult situations such as at the time of strife and natural disasters.

The use of glow sticks in military operations is a new concept. Earlier they have been used in navy operations for emergency lights and man-overboard float lights. They have been used for target marking, helicopter landing zone marking, night parachute or para-drop operations and others in navy. Later the use of glow sticks gradually started in military operations also. The use of glow sticks then passes on to the public service areas for aiding firefighters, law enforcement, and other search and rescue teams.

Military night operations are carried by the use of the latest infra-red technical sticks for increasing safety and success. These sticks are considered as tactical advantage for night operations. Different colors of glow sticks are used for maintaining personnel movement safety, marking equipment and trails, and at the time of silently indicating the severity and importance of marking. Sometimes, magnets are attached to the base of a stand and are used along with glow sticks. They help in providing a full-360 degree visibility through the scope on the weapon.

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