Comparing Glass Garden Room and Conservatories

By | January 19, 2011

garden accessoriesConservatories are structures created by glass that are present in large spaces for home extension. Many types of conservatories such as wooden conservatories, aluminum conservatories, PVC conservatories can be constructed. Many bespoke conservatories are constructed by contractors based on the specific requirements of customers or home owners. A glass garden room is considered as an excellent alternative to the conservatory extension.

A living room that is closely associated with a garden is termed as a glass garden room. An outdoor space is enabled by a glass garden room whose walls are composed of glass walls.

Glass garden rooms and traditional conservatories have some similarities. However the cost of constructing a glass garden room is much lower than conservatories. A conservatory may be made of glass, PVC and aluminum.

Glass garden room can be considered as a glass framed extension. A flat solid roof or a pitched tiled roof may be present in a glass garden room. WhenFairy garden compared to a glass garden room, conservatory has more benefits. A conservatory helps in providing extra light and gives the feeling of bringing the garden in to the home. A glass garden room may provide more space but is unable to provide extra lighting like that of a conservatory.

The roof of a glass garden room is solid and a conservatory has a glass roof. So a glass garden room offers much more privacy than a conservatory. A glass garden room is constructed at low eaves height and a conservatory with high roof. A glass garden room helps in lowering cooling costs. There is also no need to buy roof blinds as a fewer opening windows are required.

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