Using Educational DVDs in Class room

By | January 6, 2011

Earlier, teachers used chalkboard, few posters, and books as the primary tools to teach children in the classrooms. But today, you can find many classrooms, in which televisions and educational dvds are used.

Students’ engagement can be increased by using these television and educational dvds, because generally children are more attracted towards what they see, rather than what they listen. They are used as both, fun tools and learning tools. Generally students can remember the concepts and facts, when they are presented in the form of story or a picture. Because students imaginations and sympathies are engaged, when they watch or listen the story or things. In this way they can understand the concepts better.

Students can learn scientific experiments easily by watching experiments and their results. It helps the students to make experiments in science. Teacher can record the day’s experiment to build up a library throughout the year by using a flip video.

Student can also learn mathematics easily by watching educational dvds or videos. There are educational dvds for kids also. Small children can learn numbers, letters, shapes, sizes and more by watching educational dvds. There are preschool dvds also, which are created only for kids.

In the 21st century, teachers will be the better educators, if they understand how to use multi media technology, there by improving the performance of the students.

In this way educational dvds, and videos are playing key role in developing children in many fields.

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