Role of Barcode Labels in Various Industries

By | January 11, 2011

If you think that barcodes are used only on products that are sold in stores, then you are wrong. Barcode labels are used for many purposes, as they are able to carry and retain information that can be quickly and easily scanned in relatively small spaces.

Pricing of products: This is the most well known use of barcode labels. They are used to know the price information of the product, so that the seller has no chance to cheat the customer.
ID cards – Many ID cards have barcodes on them, which are scanned using a swipe system. These are used to record the clocking on and clocking off times of employees and are also used in maintaining security at offices, by knowing the details of the persons entering in to the organization.

Documents – Many documents which are returned to the organizations or government offices have barcode labels on them. On scanning them, we can get information such as, date, time and place of recieving, the person who has recieved it, person who prepared the documents, etc.

Tickets for events – These are often used on tickets to know whether it is genuine or not. Tickets having barcodes on them are scanned before entering an event and this information can also be used to keep a check on how many people are in the building.

Patient identification – These barcode labels are being widely used in hospitals to keep all the information related to patients documented. These labels are tied to the wrists of patients, which on scanning has every detail of the patient like, type of disease, suffering since how many days, medications, diet, etc.

Tracking mail and other items – The barcodes are helpful in tracking the information regarding the mails, where it is being circulated, etc. Other items which are sent through shipping or through couriers can also be tracked.

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