What are the Uses of Barcode Labels

By | December 20, 2010

Barcode is a machine readable language. Barcode can be printed on the label, so this is called as the barcode label. Barcode is printed by barcode printer. And the information present in the barcode is read by barcode scanner. Some times companies need to purchase the printer to print the barcodes. So Zebra printers are ideal one, which is useful for any one.

Generally many people think that barcode is used only for products which are sold in the store. But barcodes are also used for many purposes, because of their ability to carry and retain the information quickly, even in the small places, the information can be scanned. There are many uses of barcode label such as:

Pricing products: This is the well known use of the barcodes on labels and stores. Barcodes are used on the products to know the price and other information about products. When a scanner scans the barcode on the label, the price will be installed into the cash register without any need to do the manual work to enter the price.

ID cards: Barcodes are used on ID cards as well. Through a swipe card system, such cards can be scanned. Barcodes on id cards are used to record the employees clocking on and clocking off times, and it also useful to provide security measure to the building.

Patient identification: Barcode labels are used in hospitals to store the information about the patients and their medication details. Barcodes labels are kept on the wristbands which are worn by patients and documents of patients.

Documents: Barcode labels are used or kept on the different documents which are returned to the government offices or other organizations. Date and time of the document return and information about who completed such documents are recorded by using such labels.

Thus, barcode labels are used for many purposes. Because of this the popularity of the barcodes and barcode labels are increasing day by day.

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