How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

By | December 24, 2010

Many couples want to reduce the costs on wedding. Hiring a wedding venue can be major expenditure in the wedding costs. There are few tips to save the money by reducing the cost on your wedding venue, such as:

Set the marriage in low season: At the time of the peak wedding months, the cost of the hiring wedding venue can high. So it is better to get married in the low season to save the money. You can choose a comfortable winter wedding as alternative for popular spring months.

Wedding can be arranged at the last minute: If you have the ability to handle the stress of arranging the last minute wedding, you can save the money on wedding venue. Sometimes venues may have free day, even in the peak days, the reasons for this may be they had cancellation, or others. What ever it may be, often venues will give the discount on their rates, so you can save on them.

Avoid wedding on Saturday: Generally, Saturday is the most popular day for wedding, because guests need not leave the work and they also have sunday to travel to their home, to recover. If you book wedding venue in the midweek, you can save the money by reducing the cost of venue by getting discount.

Have the ceremony and receptions at same location: You can save money, by using the same venue for your ceremony and reception. If you hold both in different places you need to spend the money on decorations and travel, then cost of wedding will be increased.

You need not hesitate to negotiate to make a great deal of money with venue managers. Like this you can save the money on wedding venues.

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