Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

By | December 17, 2010

Drug testing in the workplace has become common today as it ensures drug free and harmonious environment at workplaces. Most of the organizations are considering pre employment drug testing as it blocks a drug abusing person from entering the organization.

Conducting pre employment drug testing helps companies and organizations to develop a productive and healthy workforce, which increases the productivity and profit as well. It ensures a hazard-free environment at workplaces. It monitors the drug and alcohol abuse of potential employees.

When a candidate applies for a job, the employer conducts the pre-employment drug testing before appointing him/her into organization. There are some regulations of conducting pre-employment drug testing, such as:

  • Organizations and companies should have the documented drug testing policy, that requires the job applicants to be far from using drugs.
  • As per the drug testing law, employer should inform to the applicants that in what conditions, applicants may be tested.
  • Company need to give the written notice to the applicants that the drug testing is required, before hiring them.
  • The type of drug test to be conducted and the information about list of over the counter medications, which may produce a positive result should be specified on the written policy.

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