What are the New Methods and Techniques Being Used in Dentistry Today

By | December 13, 2010

Earlier people used to have bad experiences with dental treatments. Because of this reason many people were reluctant to see dentists for many years. But nowadays, there is a lot of change in dental treatments.

Great changes have taken place in the science and technology, which are reduce the pain while treatment. There is a great improvement in root canal therapy, replacement of teeth with dental implants and revolution in cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, and resin fillings and so on.

There is a lot of improvement in local anesthesia. Earlier dentists used the local anesthetic ‘Novocain’. Nowadays it is used very rearly because it causes allergic reactions. The recently approved anesthetic is Septocaine, which can be stronger than the other local anesthetics and patient does not feel pain, so the dental procedures can be performed without pain.

Nowadays, there is another common method of anesthetic – in the form of nose drop, which is given to the dental patients in the form of a nasal spray. It can have same effects like anesthetic injection.

Now dentists can use either air abrasion or a dental laser in order to reduce the discomfort at the time of dental procedures. Dentists can treat many cavities without a needle or dental drill by using these modern devices. The gums are treated by some dental lasers and some other advanced procedures. Researchers found new techniques, which reduce the discomfort and pain during dental treatments. They are using new technique to perform root canal with in less time and with out any discomfort.

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