What are the Benefits of a LED Barcode Scanner

By | December 10, 2010

LED barcode scanners are scanners which work on different technology which is not used in laser scanners. A series of small light sensors are installed in a row in these LED barcode scanners. Sensors measure and trap the light, which is reflected from the barcode labels. Barcode labels are labels on which barcodes are printed.

These type of scanners are used by many people, though a least popular technology is used for them. These scanners are most durable scanners because there are no moving parts. Generally warehouses, industrial units and etc use these LED barcode scanners. In these type of scanners, light is more important thing. These barcodes are sturdy thus making them ideal for environment where the chance of accidents are high

If you compare the LED barcode scanner with laser barcode scanner, the functional technology is different and they are same in reading the characters of barcode label.

The reflected light is trapped by scanner, when you move the scanner forward and back in laser barcode scanner. If it is LED scanner, there is no need to move it. These scanner’s miniscule light sensors pick up the ambient light, which focus on the bacode label. Symbol barcode scanner is the example of the laser barcode scanner.

Sometimes LED barcode scanner is also referred as the CCD scanners. Method of functioning of LED scanner is similar to the camera-based scanner. LED scanner picks up an image of the barcode, and camera-based scanner takes a real two dimensional image of the label. This is the main difference between LED barcode scanner and camera-based barcode scanner.

The above information is about LED barcode scanners and their advantages. You can use this scanner according to your convenience.

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