SMB’s Believe Web2.0 is Top Threat to Information Security in 2010 : Webroot survey

By | November 1, 2010

As per the the Webroot survey, IT managers in small and medium-sized organization are believing malware spread through the social networks, web 2.0 applications and also other web-based vectos are the most serious risk to information security in 2010. As per the data of new survey of 803 information technology in United States, United Kingdom and Australia, majority of the respondents about 80 percent of them expressed that Web 2.0 based malware is expected to be a problem in 2010. About 7 out of 10 i.e.,73 percent of them expressed that web based threats are very difficult to manage than e-mail based threats. And also the respondents also expressed that security of data and confidentiality, prevention of data loss and securing mobile and laptop users as the top 3 concerns for web security in 2010.

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