Different Types of Nicotine Testing

By | November 19, 2010

One can detect the nicotine abuse by using different tests, which measure the level of a chemical, known as the cotinine in the body. Cotinine is produced when nicotine enters the body. Generally the nicotine abuse is done trough through using cigarettes, pipe tobacco, snuff, cigars or chewing tobacco and etc.

By testing an individual’s blood, hair, saliva or urine, one can detect cotinine in the body. Whether a person is current user of tobacco or not can be found by the results of the cotinine test. You may find many reasons for why nicotine test is conducted. Generally health insurance companies can perform this test to find employees’ potential health risks, before allotting a policy. Nicotine test can be conducted even by parents to know if their children are smoking.

Conducting urine test is the common method used for nicotine test. A test strip is used by placing few drops of the urine onto a test disc. This measures the levels of cotinine in the urine. In order to show positive or negative result, urine which contains the cotinine, reacts with the testing materials. Drug test kits are available for this test.

Testing saliva for nicotine is the same process as urine test. Instead of urine, saliva is placed onto a test strip and results are produced within nearly half an hour.

Evaluating blood for nicotine testing is not reliable like saliva or urine tests. Individuals’ metabolism and type of tobacco determine the level of the nicotine which is shown in the body.

These are the nicotine testing types which are used to know the level of the nicotine and cotinine in body after smoking.

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