Know How Barcode Technology Helps Hospitality Industry

By | November 24, 2010

Generally, physicians, pharmacists and nurses are responsible for giving correct dose of the medicine to correct patient in correct time, in hospitals. Sometimes errors may happen as they after all are human beings. Even a small mistake in the hospitality industry can be very dangerous as it directly impacts the patient’s life.

Implementing Barcode verification technology within an electronic medication administration system is the best way to reduce the errors in hospitals. If you observe the rate of errors in transcription and medication administration before and after implementing the barcodes, you will find a lot of difference. A great rate of errors in non time errors, potential adverse drug events, timing errors, transcription errors can be reduced by using barcodes in hospitals.

Patient safety can also be improved by using barcode technology. Generally a wristband, is given to a patient. That wristband contains the information about patient and his medication details. Information of wristbands can be read by the barocde scanners or barcode readers. Depeding on the information retrieved by the barcodes, medication will be given. It helps nurses to track the patient. And they give correct medicine to correct patient. So medication safety of patient also improved by using barcode technology.

Generally Barcode scanners are used by many hospital managements to scan the information. Barcode scanners are qualitative scanners to use in hospitals.

According to the findings of researches conducted recently, Medication safety and patient safety are improved barcode technology by reducing the administration and transcription errors.

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