Types Of Aromatic Sources Used For Preparing Perfumes

By | September 20, 2010

For preparing perfumes aromatic sources are used. There are different means for getting this type of aromatic perfumes. Different types of aromatic sources are plant sources, animal sources, synthetics sources. Depending upon the type of the perfume these Aromatic sources can be prepared.

From Plant sources: The main source is always the plant source. As the plants consist of heavy amounts of aroma and oil compounds, they are used mostly for the preparation of the perfumes. These are generally produced for various purposes. For protection against the plant eating animals, infections from other plants, and the main aim in producing them is for pollination, as the pollinators get attracted because of the sweet smell or the aroma. These aromatic sources are being prepared from different parts of the plant, based on the fragrance of the part they are used. Generally, fruits, seeds, barks, flowers etc are used for preparing perfumes.

From Animal Sources: Castoreum are obtained from odorous sacs of the North American Beaver and Honey comb from honey bee. Musk is used which is derived from the Asian musk deer and Civet from mongoose odorous sacs are used. Ambergris is the oxidized fatty acid compound which is secreted by the sperm of whale.

From Synthetic sources: The synthetic sources are used in the place of the animal sources and the natural sources. But one should be careful while using synthetic aromatic sources.

From Other natural Sources: Moss plants like oak moss and tree moss are commonly used lichens. Seaweed like fucus vesiculosus are used in preparation of perfumes. They are rarely used, as the cost is higher.

All the above sources are used for the preparation of the perfumes.

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