Effects of Persistent Usage of Marijuana on Daily Life

By | August 10, 2010

Marijuana is an illegal drug in many parts of the world. It is a banned, illegal drug in U.S. Selling and consuming and possessing marijuana come under illegal activities. Long term use or smoking marijuana affects user’s daily life. Marijuana affects not only user’s lives, but also others close to them. Marijuana testing helps to find the abuse of the drug.

After smoking Marijuana, THC enters the body through the lungs and it enters in the blood stream and it reaches brain and there it creates problems. Cannabinoid receptors which are areas in inside the brain, absorb the THC and then the user may experience “high” or a sense of pleasantness.

Studies show that in this state of highness, Marijuana’s effects distort the user’s perception. Then user may have difficulty in thinking, learning, and problem-solving. It effects the memory also. Mouth, throat, lungs are damaged by smoking marijuana. Lungs and immune system is diminished by smoking marijuana and it causes risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and it effects the fertility.

There are also some psychological effects such as fall in cognitive abilities and increase in mental illness, paranoia, schizophrenia. Long term use of Marijuana affects the user’s career. Users become lazier, so they may have lack of attendance and may have less productivity and poor performance. Promotions will be limited by using marijuana and reduced income. The addicts do not pay interest about relationships and they pay more interest in using Marijuana or other drugs. S/he will get affected socially and physically and mentally and financially and it also causes death.

Using Marijuana effects user’s daily life and also his/her family. So, it is better to quit this habit. That would be better for his life and his family as well.

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