Use of Mobile Barcode Printers in the Warehouse

By | August 3, 2010

As the usage of the barcode has been increasing day by day, different types of barcode printers are available in the market for satisfying the customer needs. Out of the different types of barcode printers Mobile printers are useful for lot of purposes.

Of the different purposes, warehouse is the main field where mobile printers are widely used. The operations of the warehouse are often filled with the inefficiencies and are also labor -intensive.

Some of the applications of the mobile barcode printers in warehouse are:

Mobile printers at receiving: The mobile barcode printers help a lot in receiving the dock. The labeling procedure of the printed barcodes is done at the receiving area itself. As a result of using the mobile barcode printers, operational cost, labor cost and time is also saved.

Quality Assurance of the item: By using these printers, quality assurance of the goods can be easily done. They are useful for reducing the risk of misidentified items and they identify the samples with pass, reject labels. Thus, they enhance the quality assurance in the warehouse.

Put away: Processing time can be improved by using the mobile printers during the put away operations of the warehouse.

Picking: Picking of the multiple orders can be done efficiently by using the mobile barcode printers. Thus reduces empty travel time and increases the productivity.

Packing and Shipping: As soon as the packaging is complete the barcode labels are generated by the mobile printers for the identification of the finished goods. For managing the shipping applications, mobile printers are used a lot.

Thus the mobile printers are helpful for enhancing the productivity of the system.

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