How to Identify a Real Diamond

By | August 2, 2010

Because of the counterfeit diamonds in the market, one has to know the good one and the fake one. Counterfeit types exist in all markets. They are in the cases of art, fashion, watches etc. Every thing can be counterfeited.

According to the gem world, diamonds are considered as the kings. There are many items which look like diamonds.

In order to be aware of the differences between the counterfeit and the real diamonds follow some rules.

Always, the expert will make sure whether the diamond is real or not. The real diamond should possess the reliable certificate of authenticity, and the stone should be serialized one. If the two factors are satisfied then it is said to be a real diamond. But it is always preferable for taking it to an expert for identification.

The artificial one is prepared in the laboratory, by the same materials like carbon which are in the natural diamonds. Sometimes, the experts cannot find out the correct diamond. So, always it is preferable to see the certification which has been issued from the mines department.

There are some simple steps to be followed to Identify:

  • As the diamonds are the crystals they make the light bend. Because of the highest refractive index, the diamonds will bend the light at a sharper angle when compared with the counterfeit one. We cannot see through the diamond unlike the substitutes.
  • Sometimes you can find out the difference by putting the stone in water. The real diamond will sink always and the counterfeits will always float.
  • Keep the diamond in a strong glass and see carefully whether it has many scratches on its surface. If the scratches are present then for sure it is not a diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance so, we cannot find scratches on it.

These steps are used for identifying the counterfeit. But, you can confirm by verifying it with an expert.

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