Different Methods Of Meditation

By | August 12, 2010

The meditation is an ancient subject. The process of meditation is followed by many different people in different styles. So, many people are confused about which meditation is suitable of their character and personality.

If closely observed all meditation styles have same/common features. The most important methods are

1.Sitting Method
This method was preached by Gautama Buddha in Buddhism. This is a well known method all around the world. It is mainly followed by Eastern countries in which Buddhism is followed. It is also followed in increase concentration. In this there are two patterns of observation, they are

  • The Breathe Exercise – The pattern of breathe is observed during the breathing process. This exercise is needed for increasing concentration and to know breathing system in human body. It prevents lung diseases.
  • A thought exercise – It is also same as above method, but change is only in observing concept. This method is suitable for knowing your concentration standards.

2.Word/ Mantra method
The method of word/mantra is also one of the oldest method. This method is mostly followed by the yogi’s for getting feelings of heaven and to know the secrets of nature. This method is helps to increase concentration in doing work in this complex life.

3.The Walking Method
The method of walking is to built a good relation of your body and breathing. This is mostly useful,flexible for the people living in urban areas. The walking meditation is good for health and to reduce weight.

4.The Mindful method
This is also called recalling method. In this method, one has to sit in a lonely place, closing his eyes and start recollecting/remembering achievements/ sweet movements for getting joyfulness in life. This method helps depressed people to overcome depression and to lead a cheerful life.
Every method was ultimately given for solving problems and to increase concentration power of brain.

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