Tips for Reducing Headache at Home

By | July 29, 2010

Headache is very much disturbing sometimes to do your regular activities. This will be because of stress, fever, cold, eye strain, nutritional deficiency, allergy, tension etc.,

So, in order to cure yourselves from headache there are different home remedy tips

  • In case of sinus headache, boil water with fresh ginger or use the dried ginger powder and mix it in the boiled water and take it. It will give good results.
  • Apply the fine paste made of lemon crusts to the fore head, which will give relief.
  • The patients suffering from chronic headaches should eat an apple with salt, early morning in empty stomach. This will reduce your chronic headache.
  • For sinus headache take hot water vapors mixed with eucalyptus oil. This gives much relief.
  • Keep an ice pack on the forehead for relief.
  • Drink herbal tea for relaxing( for example peppermint tea).
  • Stress related headaches can be reduced by deep breathing.
  • Sleeping in a silent room will relax you.
  • For chronic headache, drink a glass of water mixed with honey.
  • Sometimes yoga will also make relieve you from headache.
  • Make a paste of cloves using 3 to 4 of them and apply them on the head. This will give a good result.
  • Drink grape juice which gives relief from headache.

These are some of the home remedies which will relax you. These give slight relief from headaches.

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