How saliva drug test is done?

By | July 27, 2010

Now-a-days, drug test is used in many organizations for screening the employees before recruiting them. There are various drug tests like urine test, hair test, blood test and saliva-Drug test.

The most popular drug test is saliva-Drug test today. This is a simple way to test different drug substances such as Marijuana, THC, heroin, cocaine, and amphetamine. Doctors and clinicians use this test instead of urine and blood tests to detect the presence of drug substances. This test is easy to conduct than the blood test. In the blood test, a registered nurse is required . It is easy to get reliable results in this test. If it is an urine test, a person can change the result by adding large quantity of water or other detox drinks.

This drug test can be done by a local doctor’s clinic. You can keep the matter confidential by purchasing saliva-Drug test tool online or at local drugstores for doing drug test at home. It is the best way to determine whether your children are using drugs at home without involvement of the doctors and authorities.

It is easy to use, this test tool is like a toothbrush or applicator. It is kept between tongue and cheek for two minutes. After removing it from the mouth, you can keep back this applicator into the plastic container and it can be sent to laboratory or to a doctor.

If you have taken the saliva drug test at a clinic, then the doctor will tell you when you can know the result of the test. Generally, it can be one or three weeks. If you have taken drug test at an organization, then they only inform about the results of test if it is negative. If you do this test at home, then you have to send the test reports to laboratory. You will get one confirmation number to receive results, and you will get results within four to six weeks by telephone representative or and automated program.

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