Steroids abuse and its Implications

By | June 5, 2010

Generally the steroid drugs are being classified into anabolicsteroids and corticosteroids. The corticosteroids are generally prescribed drugs which are suggested by the doctor for controlling the inflammation of the body and even in some cases they are used for controlling of asthma and lupus. Where as anabolic steroids have been abused by the athletes and even by the body builders.

Anabolic steroids are the harmones which are synthesized and help in boosting up the energy; they even prevent muscle breakdown. So, some of the athletes use steroids hoping that they will boost their energy levels and thinking that their abilities may increase. These steroids can be taken by mouth or can be injected into the body of the user. The street names for the steroids are Juice or rhoids.

The two affective reasons which make the use of steroids dangerous are: it is illegal and the other reason is that it spoils the heath of the user.
Side effects of anabolic steroids:

  • Aching of the muscles
  • Forms tumors in the liver
  • Enlargement of the heart muscles apart from the normal growth or enlargement.
  • Aggressive behaviour in some cases by the consumption of the steroids.
  • Even hair loss in some cases.
  • High blood pressure

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