Rope Lighting To Decorate Home Garden

By | June 7, 2010

Rope lighting involves loading a flexible transparent cable with tiny bulbs. The cable can easily be attached to homes, decks and patios for outdoor delineation and they can also provide safety in hard to see areas like poorly lit staircases. Use of rope lighting is getting more popular in recent years because it offers more new ways to decorate and illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Miniature GardenColorful rope lights can add a festive element with other outdoor lighting fixtures while indoor rope lights can be attached to walls to provide interest and ambiance at night. They are available in different lengths and with the help of kits, an individual can customize the rope size as per the needs. Of all rope light LED, rope light is the best because they consume less power and illuminate with much less intensity.

In totality, this is safe, but consumers should be aware with the all basic installation process. While installing the observe following safety tips:

Fairy garden

  • Always avoid overheating a rope light and never enclose or cover it.
  • Try to keep out light rope away from all heat sources like fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, heaters and wood stoves.
  • Keep the balance between the length and power supply of rope light.

Fairy housesRope lighting is a good way of lighting and it is easily available and installable. A proper design and balanced length of rope light can help to build effective rope lighting.

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